chess2This site seeks to provide a forum for dialogue on select normative issues we consider to be of paramount importance.

Critical comments, responses to comments, and comments that extend the arguments herein are much appreciated.

Our topics are described below:

1) Beyond the Public/Private Divide explores how the public and private spheres are increasingly intertwined.

2) Gridlock? analyzes Washington’s current stalemate, arguing that what we are witnessing is not gridlock so much as a Conservative consensus in American politics.

3) Illiberal Moderates argues that Mideast policy should not necessarily strive for the creation of liberal democracies.  Rather, it should support leaders who display moderation and reject violence.

Who are We?

The Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies of the George Washington University is the nation’s leading center for communitarian policy research, and is dedicated to finding constructive solutions to social problems through morally informed policy analysis and moral dialogue.  Click here to learn more about Communitarianism.

Kenneth Megan, Managing Editor
Ashley McKinless, Executive Editor

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